Jun 20, 2012

Hellooooooo everyone!

OK, so you know that the story you told about how when you went to
Brazil you thought they were speaking Japanese? My first day here, my
companion and I were walking and we passed some people and I asked my
companion, "are they speaking Arabic?" They were speaking Spanish....
I really thought it was Arabic too.

I don't remember if I told you this but something that we have been
doing for service is going to the old headquarters of George
Washington and working on the garden there. Its really cool because
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and a bunch of other people
walked on the grounds that I am working on! Its cool to think of.

Today is P-day and guess what I'm doing?? I'm going to the Yankee
game!!! They are playing the Braves, so that's going to be awesome :)
We'll be sitting in the nosebleed, but who cares! Last week for P-day
we walked from one end of central park to the other. It was really
cool, its a huge park. Lots of cool things to see.

Just yesterday I had my first "conversation" in Spanish. We knocked a
door, and usually my companion takes over when it gets to a part of
the conversation that I cant understand, but yesterday he didn't do
that and made me keep talking to the person at the door. Turns out I
can speak Spanish to them and understand what they are saying back.

So our apartment has become overrun with cockroaches. Its great!
Luckily I don't care that much, and I've made it a game to find them
and kill them. They are super small cockroaches, they are about the
size of this 0 <---  But yeah, I can kill about 15 cockroaches in the
space of 1 to 2 minutes, that's how many there are. The food I buy is
in cans and stuff so they cant get to it.

So I think that you guys should experience the kind of food that I
have to eat. So here is a recipe, and this is only for 1 person, only
one serving, so adjust it to fit the family, but to feed 1 person (the
amount of food that I get served) boil 1.5 cups of rice with
seasoning, cover the rice in a whole can of Goya Kidney beans, and
then on top put a whole chicken breast or thigh. Do it, I'm really
interested in seeing if you can eat it all. And then after you do
finish it off, try it again the same amount, as if you had a second
dinner appointment. My stomach has turned into a bottomless pit. I'm
always hungry, so no matter how much I get fed I can always eat more.

No, I'm not a master of the subway yet, They are super confusing... I
know how to use the one in my area, but other than that everywhere
else doesn't make sense. There's drug dealers all over, and they try
to sell to the missionaries too. It's funny when they do.

For breakfast I usually just have oatmeal. For lunch and dinner when
we don't have an appointment I just eat some sort of can of soup, like
spaghetti-ohs or ravioli or something.

My clothes are doing OK, although some shirts have tiny holes in them
and stuff, but whatever. I don't know how that could happen since I
don't do anything crazy in them. One of my shirts has been completely
ruined with a stain on the back, grease from door hinges or something,
but I still wear the shirt.

We have cell phones here too, but I don't have it since I'm not senior
companion. Actually I have it now because I'm on splits because my
companion got really good seats at the game today, but I wasn't going
to spend 50 bucks for tickets. He got a deal because he knows people
that work at the field, so hes right on the 3rd base line. So he's
with other elders and I'm here with the other elders and we are going
to the nosebleeds! Yay!

Tell grandpa that I hope he gets better!

Whats Zak's MTC address?



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